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Our Mission

In a country as diverse and colorful as the United States, creating a healthy space where children will develop an appreciation of other cultures while conserving their history and heritage is a core component of their education.


Our programs are suitable for Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP). Our singing, drum circle, dancing, drawing, Bantu mask painting, face/body painting, and beadwork promote gross/fine motor skills. Our society games, beaded jewelry making, reading, and questions/answers boost cognitive development. Our group and individual activities promote social learning and social living.


Why Bantu Art Activities?

Bantu Arts Atelier for Kids, through our individual and group activities designed to accommodate each child's needs, will promote sharing, patience, love, understanding, social living, and joy. Our activities will benefit cross-cultural communication skills. It should be noted here that cross-cultural communication covers religious, geographical, financial, and racial backgrounds. Knowing the other side of the story will boost the self-confidence of the children involved.


Upcoming Event

Join us for a unique exhibit highlighting Magni Marianne Bema’s collection of Art, Textiles and Fashions of Grassified Peoples in Cameroon, Bridging the Arts in the United States and Africa. Malibu’s Magni Marianne Gisele Bema will exhibit fifty works of original

Bamileke ethnicity art, textiles, fashions and artifacts from Cameroon. 

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